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Christian book: Detective Barbs
Detective Barbs

Christian book: God and Me
God and Me
This is a collection of 49 of the God and Me comic series.

Christian book: Ham and His Adventures
Ham and His Adventures
Ham is a pig who ask for a wish from a rather tricky witch, but forgets to ask god for guidance and ends up looking rather foolish.

Christian book: I Don't Believe In String
I Don't Believe In String

Christian book: Impossible Things
Impossible Things
There are lots of things we talk about that are impossible. And there are things that are very possible. This story brings out examples of each and explains which are the more important things.

Christian book: No School Today
No School Today

Christian book: Point of Impact
Point of Impact
This is a true story about a man born in 1950 who nearly died countless times,but god preserved his life until finally in 1986 he finally he became a christian.