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Creation Science

Christian book: Creation Facts
Creation Facts
Evolution is a hoax. Here are a collection of facts that disprove evolution.

Christian book: DINOSAURS! What REALLY happened
A brief history of the dinosaur, according to the Bible. This book totally refutes the lies and deception of evolution.

Christian book: Pete the Pencil Sharpener
Pete the Pencil Sharpener
This book makes light of evolution by telling a story of a pencil sharpener that grows up to be a mac truck.

Christian book: The Watch And The Apple
The Watch And The Apple
The Watch and the Apple is a very simple book with a profound and important message.

Christian book: Walnut Chickens
Species only reproduce their own kind
Walnut Chickens
Little Vicki pretended to make a chicken nest out of tree leaves and walnuts. She asked her dad when they are going to hatch. He explains that everything only reproduces its own kind.

Christian book: Wonderfully Made
Wonderfully Made
This wonderful book includes 72 illustrated pages about the wonders of the human body and how its design points to a Creator.