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All Things Work Together for Good Bulletin Cover

All Things
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All Things Clipart

Romans 8:28 says, "All thing work together for good to them that love Him." I think the important part here is the part about to them that love Him. Some people think that all things work together for good for everyone. The Lord creates in us the desire to learn, His Holy Spirit teaches us and speaks to us. We are guided in how to think, this way we have a good word to give to people when they go through trouble.

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tags: work, stone, fence, wall, all, thing, romans 8, roman, powerpoint, wallpaper, verse, rock, photo, power point, ireland

clip art id: 2912
short name: All Things
dev file: Adobe Photoshop

Verse Art: Scott Yardley
Photography: JoAnn Yardley

merchandise license

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