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Christian Poets / Belinda van Rensburg

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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

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Poets are often used to speak forth the oracles of God.
Poems About Poets and Poetry

It's Time
All Christians have come to the point where we chose to accept Jesus as our personal Savoir.
Salvation Poems

Jesus, The Word
Everything has been created by Jesus, the Word of God.
Poetry About Jesus

His Story
A Gospel poem
Poetry About Jesus

Shepherds in Wolves' Clothing winner of poetry contest
God promised to replace the shepherds who do not take care of His flock.
Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

Religion versus faith.
Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

Stand Firm
This poem encourages Christians to fight the good fight.
Spiritual Warfare Poetry

This Fallen World
Many people wonder why a loving God can allow pain and suffering. The answer is that we live in a fallen world, but the good news is that Christians can look forward to a New Earth and a New Jerusalem where there will be no more death and suffering.
Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

Thank You for Everything
We have so much to be thankful for.
Thanksgiving Poems