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Christian Poets / Belinda van Rensburg

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Poems by Belinda van Rensburg

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Angel Child
This poem is dedicated to a very special little autistic boy in my life.
God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

A Broken Lullaby
A poem about the possible results of broken homes and subsequent child neglect. Although this poem doesn't mention God it does reflect what happens when we don't live according to Biblical principles.
Poems On Other Topics

The Emptiness Within
Only God can fill the void within us.
Salvation Poems

The Prophet
A poem laying bare the soul of a prophet of God.
Poems On Other Topics

Will We Ever Learn?
A call to live in peace.
Trials & Challenges Poetry

Child of the Night
The call to come out of darkness into God's Light.
Salvation Poems

Who God Is
Comforting & Joyous Poems