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Christian Poets / Deborah Ann Belka

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Poems by Deborah Ann Belka

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Into the Wilderness
Sometimes we all through times of testing and they always lead to spiritual growth!
Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

The City of No More
Is where I long to be!
Poems About Truth

The Invitation . . .
For all who are in need of finding their Savior.
God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

Thou My Most Hight
My praise I will sing to You for the rest of my days!
Bible in Rhyme

Ashes to Beauty
One day soon all our ashes will turn into His beauty . . . for His glory!
Bible in Rhyme

Set free to walk among those who are living in His light.
Trials & Challenges Poetry

Jesus is The Salt in My Life
The Lord is the salt that flavors my life.
Faith Poetry

The True and Righteous Way
Oh, that I may seek and know . . . God's true and righteous way.
Poems About Spiritual Growth

Rest, My Soul, Rest
. . . let God's mercy comfort and console!
Comforting & Joyous Poems