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Poems by louis gander

A Dried and Fragile Flower
"So many people want to bloom and live life their own way. While stems are often hidden, they support the whole bouquet..."
White Is White
Black is black and white is white.There is no in-between.And as it was with grandpa there,it won't go sight-unseen.
The Answer To My Prayers
I was walking down the road, in the autumn of my years;the leaves were brilliant colors, though my eyes were red with tears.
By the Bushel winner of poetry contest
Two weeks and a day since mom passed away. Tomorrow will be yet another. Tears run down my cheeks each time someone speaks and mentions my dear ol' mother.
The Perfect Mom (in Heaven)
In Memoriam to my mom, Ruth, who passed away Saturday, March 15th, 2014 at 89.
It Is True
I sat upon his wooden chair that saw some better years and when I read the words he wrote, I burst out into tears...
Winks and Smiles winner of poetry contest
God's creation gives us but one hint of His love and glory.
What all poets should know...
A Single Leaf
It's all about priorities.

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