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Christian Poets / louis gander

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Poems by louis gander

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Those Nail Scars
Of facts and faith...
Faith Poetry

One More Day
A gravely serious, sobering and thought-provoking poem which indirectly asks, "How in the world am I living?"
Salvation Poems

The Straight and Narrow
I did not know that Your path Lord, would have such 'ups and downs'.
Trials & Challenges Poetry

One Final Tear
The heart determines how they flow -and why they come so fast -as tears pour down in numbers fromthe first to very last.
Trials & Challenges Poetry

Dad's Guitar winner of poetry contest
About 15 minutes before Sunday School started, as children and parents would arrive (and join in singing), my father would lead the gospel choruses singing while playing his old familiar guitar...
Children Poems

Oh Tiny Bud
The winners flaunt their daily lives when pride's indulging self arrives, ignoring young and helpless those, with hungry gut and dirty clothes.
Future & End Times Poetry

In Melodies winner of poetry contest
If I could play the piano...If I could mute out all the 'norm'with notes so delicately warm -so we, God's face, in them could see -oh how, if I could so perform...
Comforting & Joyous Poems

Worse Than That
Don't laugh at me. It's just the way this evil world turns...
Comforting & Joyous Poems

Show The Lord
"This court is now in session!" said 'His Honor' from the bench.
Poems On Other Topics