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Christian Poets / louis gander

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Poems by louis gander

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Show The Lord
"This court is now in session!" said 'His Honor' from the bench.
Poems On Other Topics

Solid Rock
Where are your feet?
Poems On Other Topics

My Dearest Friends
A little 'twist' to true friendship in God's miraculous creation...
Poems On Other Topics

A Wondrous Story
I'd love to be a poet- a real one, you know- so I could write man's world off allowing God's to glow.
Poems About Poets and Poetry

Circle Of Love
A circle has no beginning or end. Neither does God's love- or this poem...
God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

A true story poem of Wisconsin in 1934 about my grandmother as told to me by my mother, Ruth.
Poems On Other Topics

Life Was...
A true story poem about living in the country in Wisconsin in the summer of 1934 as told to me by my mother Ruth.
Inspirational Poems

Signs winner of poetry contest
A true story [poem] I experienced in the 1960's...
Poems On Other Topics

Born Again!
What if we could go back in time??
Salvation Poems