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Christian Poets / louis gander

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Poems by louis gander

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His Work
They laughed at him and bragged about the works that they had done. They filled vast reams of papers, yet he had but only one.
Trials & Challenges Poetry

Washed Away
To choose a life of purpose or futility is our choice...
Trials & Challenges Poetry

Prayer Of Thanksgiving winner of poetry contest
Are we truly thankful or do we speak empty words?
Holiday Poetry

There are flowers and then there are flowers...
Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

Good Intentions
Are good intentions sometimes not so good?
Faith Poetry

September Harvest winner of poetry contest
The harvest is plenty with laborers few but these are the souls that we need to get to.
Missions & Evangelism Poetry

If claim, you are, a zombie not, who wanders aimlessly, then follow quick that still, small voice and Heaven you will see.
Faith Poetry

Dusk To Dawn
Have you ever been awake all night, standing outdoors, peering at the Heavens, thinking, praying, listening- and then see the sky start to brighten with the morning sun?
Poems About Spiritual Growth

Everlasting Tears winner of poetry contest
But were the tears that Jesus shed from just the pain He bore? Or were the tears that soaked His face from something even more?
Poetry About Jesus