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Poems by louis gander

Reach Out In Love
And how can we become like Christ, if locked inside our shells?
In Our Uncertain World
Through the eyes of an innocent Iraqi Christian child... God's child.
New Life Begins
The sun moves quickly through the sky. Come, Jesus, come- for we know why.
God's Special Child winner of poetry contest
She questioned God in all her prayersand begged for answers too.And then in tears she asked of me,so now I'm asking you...
Where Am I?
On a scale up to one hundred, please heart, tell me where am I?
The Great Poet
Creation, unexplained miracles vs. science, unexplained findings.
Pretend winner of poetry contest
The deceptions of selfishness.
Good and Faithful Friends
What life can be more rewarding than friends and purpose?
The Irises
I look out of my window. I'm not at all sure why. The breezes make some flowers dance. The movement draws my eye.

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