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Poems by louis gander

A Single Leaf
It's all about priorities.
Kindness winner of poetry contest
A true short story poem of kindness.
Flower Bud
A true story poem about a small girl who lived in Liberia, Africa circa 1996-2001 (now living in the US).
No Cookies From Grandma
No one was to blame but it wasn't the same without fireplace or a flickering flame. No stockings to see and no cider or tea, not even a little ol' Christmas tree.
Something Tugged Me winner of poetry contest
In fresh fallen snow at the end of the day were parallel tracks from a horse-driven sleigh which led down the road to the center of town. I followed those tracks and I looked all around.
Tell Me Why
Some children laughed and giggled withtheir mother at a store.Ignored- the old and lonely onesmy heart is bleeding for.
Her Old Rocker winner of poetry contest
He asked if I'd sell her old rocker.He asked me what I'd sell it for.He gave a most generous offer,then said he could pay a bit more.
Tears Of Joy
I'd worked and sacrificed and slaved with neverending toil -and planted many seeds of doubt in rich, organic soil.
Those Nail Scars
Of facts and faith...

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