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Poems by louis gander

The Perfect Mom (in Heaven)
In Memoriam to my mom, Ruth, who passed away Saturday, March 15th, 2014 at 89.
It Is True
I sat upon his wooden chair that saw some better years and when I read the words he wrote, I burst out into tears...
Winks and Smiles winner of poetry contest
God's creation gives us but one hint of His love and glory.
What all poets should know...
A Single Leaf
It's all about priorities.
Kindness winner of poetry contest
A true short story poem of kindness.
Flower Bud
A true story poem about a small girl who lived in Liberia, Africa circa 1996-2001 (now living in the US).
No Cookies From Grandma
No one was to blame but it wasn't the same without fireplace or a flickering flame. No stockings to see and no cider or tea, not even a little ol' Christmas tree.
Something Tugged Me winner of poetry contest
In fresh fallen snow at the end of the day were parallel tracks from a horse-driven sleigh which led down the road to the center of town. I followed those tracks and I looked all around.

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