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by Gertrude Jefferies

To God be all the glory
To Him be all the praise.
He is the Lord Almighty,
The great Ancient of Days.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Existing Three in One.
He is the great Jehovah
Who sits above the sun.

The Lily of the Valley,
The Rose of Sharon, too;
Eternal, Wise and Powerful,
There's nothing He can't do.

He's Bread, to all who hunger,
Water, to all who thirst;
The Stone the builders rejected,
The Last, also the First.

Light in a world of darkness,
The Door, for us to come in,
The Way of true Salvation,
Perfect Sacrifice for sin.

Ore death He is the Victor,
He's our soon coming King.
He rides on the wind,
Even the waves obey Him.
Righteous Judge of all the earth,
Ruler of the universe.

Please contact Gertrude Jefferies at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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