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Christian Poems / Bethlehem's Cradle/ Calvary's Cross

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Bethlehem's Cradle/ Calvary's Cross

by Gertrude Jefferies

Bethlehem's Cradle, Calvary's Cross
Did Mary know the price each would cost?
Announced by Angels, Rejected by men.
Gift of the ages, Heaven's Diadem.

Joy in the manger, Anguish on the cross
To save a world from sin and dross.
Christ in the manger, a gift of love,
Christ in the garden, sweating drops of blood.

A wooden cradle, A wooden cross.
Together they would redeem the lost.
One not complete without the other,
Both were required, sin's debt to cover.

The Christ of the Cradle, Is Calvary's Christ.
The sinner's Redemption,
The great Sacrifice
Over death victorious, forever free,
This is his legacy to you and to me.
This poem was a finalist in the July 2007 poetry contest

Please contact Gertrude Jefferies at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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