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Christian Poems / Mary Has A Little Lamb

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Mary Has A Little Lamb

by Danette Kettwich © 2007

Mary lived on Seventh Street
She's sold out to the world.
Look deep into Mary's eyes
See a damaged little girl.

Then one day a Gideon
Placed a book into her hand
A map to show the direction
To her own spotless Lamb.

Mary had lost it all
She sold herself you know;
Mary soon discovered
A Lamb as white as snow.

Mary took that small orange map
And found a new path to trod
She read it and believed it
And gave her life to God.

Mary has found real love
Because of a certain man
Who handed out a Holy book
About a spotless Lamb.

Mary has a little Lamb
His fleece is white as snow
His name is grace and mercy
And goes where 'er she goes.

The Holy Lamb of God
Carries burdens on His back
The way to the perfect Lamb
Is written in His holy map.

Just a simple gesture,
To free those of earthly strife
A plain orange New Testament
A simple way to save a life.

Please contact Danette Kettwich at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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