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Christian Poems / His Enemies, The Pharisees

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His Enemies, The Pharisees

by Lanette Kissel © 2007

They thought Jesus was too smart,
And that He was too wise.
They wanted to ruin His good name,
Cut Him down to their size.

They wanted to bring Him down,
Wanted to tear Him apart,
Men who were jealous of
His accomplishments from the start.

They came up with a plan
They thought had to succeed,
Thought they had gathered all the evidence
They could possibly need.

So they put Him on trial,
And they presented their case,
Condemned an innocent Man to death
So that they could save face.

Then they tortured and crucified Him,
And they tore Him apart,
Self-righteous men who thought with the head
Instead of the heart.

But their plan did not succeed.
They weren't able to bring Him down.
The Man they sought to ruin
Now wears a heavenly crown.

Please contact Lanette Kissel at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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