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I am but a Servant

by Patricia Joan Polhans

I am but a servant of my Holy Lord and King.
Writing down His poetry has become my only theme.
There's life in every word, His voice in every line
For they're taken from the scriptures, the Holy Word divine.

Every word He speaks is a rhythm playing in my heart
And wiser I've become than I was at the very start.
Each chord that He plays resounds within my ears
That I just had to write them down upon the pages here.

They're lifting up the spirits, exalting many of the men
As each word flows out from the recesses of my pen.
Women find inner beauty as their hearts echo love,
Children grow wise as serpents but harmless as little doves.

His words give hope to the lost for they shall all be found.
As I continue writing poetry His words within me will resound.
Each word that I write will not return unto me void
But will go forth in purpose for all others to enjoy,

Convicting and encouraging, calming the believers' fears.
As I write each one down it will be established here.
I can only repeat what I've heard the Lord and Master say
For He is the Potter and I have become his clay.

Please contact Patricia Joan Polhans at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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