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Christian Poems / Kiss of Love

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Kiss of Love

by Patricia Joan Polhans

I saw a kiss of love when
God hung the earth in space
Never to be removed
From it's designated place.

I saw a kiss of love when
The father opened up his hand
And poured out his graces
Upon a violent land.

I saw the kiss of love when
Stardust fell from his hand
Sprinkling spring showers
Upon the dry parched land.

I saw a kiss of love when
God came from heaven to earth
When he gave Mary his child
To carry and to birth.

I saw a kiss of love when
A romantic looked up in heaven
Scouting out the starry skies
Believing love was truly given.

I saw a kiss of love when
God lit the darkened skies
Placing starlets here and there
Keeping romance alive!

I saw the kiss of love that
Night from my windowsill
When my eyes caught a falling star
And His love on me was spilled.

Please contact Patricia Joan Polhans at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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