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The Skillful Writer

by Patricia Joan Polhans

I love to write poetry
It lies within my heart
From the hand of a skillful writer
Is where I got my start.

His skillful hand led me
Told me what to say,
Words from my creator
Fell upon my pen each day.

My pen conveyed the essence
Of what he 'as telling me
Creations from the unknown
And then I began to see.

He enlightened my spirit
Created rhythm in my heart
As each tone was sung
With skill and with art.

Then from his voice was written,
'The Great I Am' had spoke,
Words to accompany the music
As I wrote down all the notes.

My hand became the hand
From the skillful writer
The Lord God Almighty,
My pen and my provider.

Please contact Patricia Joan Polhans at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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