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Christian Poems / Christmas Tears

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Christmas Tears

by Patricia Joan Polhans

I wonder if God cried when
He sent us his only son,
His most precious gift to offer
All of us with love.

Did a tear trickled down
His precious holy cheek
When he handed us his little boy
Did he then begin to weep?

I wonder if he cried when
Jesus was rejected.
Did his lips turn downward?
Was his heart broken and dejected?

For he'd given us his all,
His ultimate sacrifice,
Sending us his only child,
Were God's tears a surprise?

Christmas is a happy time
For all of those we see
But for the Heavenly Father
Maybe this could not be!

How he must have wept
Over his little boy who'd die.
His life,vanished in the wind.
Christmas had to make him cry!

Please contact Patricia Joan Polhans at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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