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Too Busy

by Donna Hendrix

Ever say, I don't have time to spend with the Lord
For in our worldly ways we do become absorbed
Complaining there aren't enough hours to get everything done
And in so doing, often it is the Lord we do shun

Life is hectic for everyone these days
Taking time away from God really isn't the way
When we give our life and all to Him
He's planned our way; life's not a whim

For if you're walking with the Father by your side
From you He will never ever hide
He would never give you to much to do
Not enough that it would prevent His special moments with you

So when you think you don't have time for God
Step back and look to see what path you trod
For of all the many tasks He would place on you
Leaving out your time with Him would never be what He'd do!

Please contact Donna Hendrix at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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