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Christian Poems / My God Is So Big

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My God Is So Big

by Deborah Ann Belka

My God is so big,
He can conquer anything.
He can turn a dry river,
Into a life giving stream.

My God is so big,
He can carry my heavy load.
He can lift from me my burdens,
And help me down the road.

My God is so big,
He can do the impossible.
He can move any mountain,
And make the unfeasible possible.

My God is so big,
He can take away my fear.
He can remove all my worries,
For my God is always near.

My God is so big,
He can turn water into wine.
He can bring back a lost soul,
Who's fallen from His vine.

My God is so big,
He can part the Red Sea.
He can heal the lame and sick,
And make blind men to see.

My God is so big,
How big is that one of yours?
Mine will forgive you your sin,
If you would invite Jesus in!

Please contact Deborah Ann Belka at "" to request permission to use this poem.

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