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Christian Clip Art CDs

There is nothing to install. Use the images directly from these discs! These CD can be used with 100's of programs including CorelDraw, Illustrator, PrintShop, PrintArtist, Micrografx Print Studio, Micrografx CreataCard, FreeHand, Canvas, MS Greetings Workshop, Corel PrintHouse Magic, Photoshop, MS Word, MS Works (Windows), ClarisWorks (Mac), MS Publisher, and many more programs too! Easy to use!
Black & White Christian Clipart CD Black & White Clipart CD - $12.95 USD
If you enjoy the original art by Scott Yardley found on ChristArt now you can own the CD! This CD includes 489 black and white versions of most of the work by Scott Yardley's light hearted yet to the point art work.

Fish Toon Christian Clipart CD Slideshow Stories CD - $12.95 USD
Power Point Stories! Present all of the "Animal Tales" stories in full screen format with this CD. All 36 Stories are are saved in Power Point format for easy presentation. You can also open these stories with Open Office Impress which you can download for free at

Fish Toon Christian Clipart CD Animal Tales Story Sheets - $12.95 USD
This CD contains the 36 Christian "Animal Tales" stories by Richard Gunthard in pdf format. Each story contains 16 colorful pages and is formatted for easy printing with a standard printer enabling you to create your own story sheets. Read More