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Animal Tales

Christian book: Freddy Frog
God speaks through prophets
Freddy Frog
Freddy Frog is sensitive as God reveals wisdom to him. As we are responsive to what God shows us, He then can bless and protect us. The Bible shows us what he wants us to do.

Christian book: Georgie Goose
Georgie Goose
Georgie Goose likes to annoy the other farm animals. He is confident for his future. He thinks he has his days all planned out so as to keep on going the way he's going. Then one day there is a change of tides...See what happens to Georgie!

Christian book: Ginger
Following directions
Ginger the guinea pig is sent on an errand by his mother. Though he has his struggles he does his best. See how Ginger gets the job done.

Christian book: Hoppy and Mr. Sly
God is our deliverer
Hoppy and Mr. Sly
Hoppy gets himself into trouble when he is tricked by Mr. Sly. In his trouble he goes to the Source. See how God helps Hoppy in this cute little story.

Christian book: Jimmy the Snail
God gives good things
Jimmy the Snail
Jimmy the Snail is lonely and wants a snail-girlfriend. Because of his "limitations" he thinks he will never have a companion until one day when he and his friend pray together. God is mighty to take care of things we never thought possible!

Christian book: Lazybones
Andrew the Sloth is not only slow but also lazy! He is completely dependent on others to take care of his life. Then one day the light 'comes on' for him!

Christian book: Long Neck
Long Neck
Long Neck has the longest neck of all the giraffes, and he is quite boastful of it, too! One day a funny monkey comes to straighten things out for the giraffes. He shows Long Neck that God made us, we did not make ourselves!