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Animal Tales

Christian book: The Smallest Elephant
God honors those who honor God
The Smallest Elephant
Ed is the smallest elephant in the circus. And because of this he thinks he is also the least important. See how he learns that his size has nothing to do with how valuable he is.

Christian book: Three Hungry Birds
God's provision
Three Hungry Birds
It's easy to put our confidence in people. See what good things these three hungry sparrows learn when they find that people can't always be there for them!

Christian book: Tommy the Toad
Choice of friends
Tommy the Toad
Tommy the Toad is bad news. A little green frog learns the hard way that, "Bad company corrupts good morals"!

Christian book: Two Birds
New creation in Christ
Two Birds
There's a lesson to be learned here! See how a wooden bird is "freed" into a real bird!

Christian book: Upside Down Bertie
Turn the world upside down
Upside Down Bertie
In this story we learn that not everything we have learned is correct. Read this story for an eye opening approach to perspective.

Christian book: Wallpaper Day
Confessing sin
Wallpaper Day
Here is a good example of what happens when we just "cover up" our problems instead of really taking responsibility.

Christian book: Wally Worm
Wally Worm
Sometimes our knowledge is not enough. In this story Wally Worm heads straight for danger because he did not listen to wisdom.