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Christian book: Bruce
Bruce the loyal dog did a brave and memorable job who gave up it's life. If we have someone who is willing to give up whose life for us, will you be thrilled?

Christian book: Bubbles
Disobedience and Consequences
The main character in this short story is Bubbles, a boy who made bad choices, but never suffered any consequences. Finally, when it came time to make a choice about Jesus, he made yet another bad choice. Choices bring consequences. We decide to place ourselves in harms way when we disobey. The outcome of these decisions of disobedience can place us in harms way and limit the potential of our life.

Christian book: Bulging Bill
God or Money
Bulging Bill
Strong Bill was a champion all his life, he had fame and wealth. One day he was put to the test and choose between his life and his beloved golden belt...

Christian book: Champion Dog
God's patience
Champion Dog
Champion dog illustrates how God loved us so much that he gave his greatest treasure to have us for His own.

Christian book: Charlie the Imaginary Chameleon
Make beleive gods
Charlie the Imaginary Chameleon
This person has an imaginary pet chameleon. He's so friendly and clean. Not everybody believes in him, but for those who do, they think he's great. Sometimes it's this way for people, they imagine what God is like. But we can know what God is like, we don't have to imagine Him. We can read about Him in the bible, His name is Jesus.

Christian book: Clever Munkowick
Salvation is a free gift
Clever Munkowick
Winter came and the King was offering his citizens bunches of firewood free to keep them warm and happy. Munkowick and a poor woman who ran out of firewood had different responses...

Christian book: Dave the Duck
Obey the Rules
Dave the Duck
Dave's always been good and obedient to his parents. One day, he lost his way all because of his curiosity. While he was upset and scared, he found light...