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Christian book: Drippy and Droppy
Drippy and Droppy
Drippy's thinking hard to get his Love message across to Droppy, but Droppy never open her letters and thought that Droppy didn't love her...until one day....

Christian book: Escape from the Slave Traders
Escape from the Slave Traders
David Livingstone was an amazing missionary who brought a beginning to an end of slavery in Central Africa. This is a dramatized story of what Africans went through until David Livingstone came to help them.

Christian book: Famous Last Words
The Gospel
Famous Last Words
We will have the same words when we found that we were in trouble, do you know what are these last words?

Christian book: Garry the Goldfish
Finding God
Garry the Goldfish
Garry was looking for something, he starts from the fish tank to the sea and finally he realized it's everywhere around him.

Christian book: Gilbert's Hat
Gilbert's Hat
Gilbert was out in the blustery wind and his hat blew off. He was afraid his parents would be mad. So he travelled and travelled to get his hat. Finally, he makes it home.

Christian book: Greyworld
Christian Life
A gray child from a very gray world begins to wonder "Are there any other colors?" So he set out to look for them.

Christian book: Happiness
Happiness seems around the corner, unfortunately they never last long. This story tells us how to get lasting happiness.