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Christian book: Hare and Tortoise
Hare and Tortoise
In this story there's a new twist. The story teaches the value of working together and teamwork, rather than competition.

Christian book: Hickory Dickory
Support the weak
Hickory Dickory
Little Dock joined two little mice Hickory and Dickory who were enjoying to race up and down the clock. Unfortunately, Dock had difficulty finishing the race...

Christian book: Hijacked
When and airline captain suddenly gives a warning that hijackers are aboard and to put on their parachutes, everyone reacts differently. See who reacts correctly.

Christian book: How I Became Perfect
How I Became Perfect
This book shows clearly how far all people have fallen short of the standard of perfection which God requires.Step by step, using the 10 commandments, the reader is taken through the commandments and then brought to the Lord Jesus, the only one who is perfect

Christian book: I Thought You Might Do That
I Thought You Might Do That
In this world some people are people who love the one true God, and there are some people who don't love God. The people who don't love God are like the fox. But God always knows what the foxy people are thinking and NOBODY ever outsmarts God.

Christian book: If Jesus Came to My House
Revelations 3:20
If Jesus Came to My House
This story tells us how it will be like when Jesus visit our house...would you like Jesus to visit your house?

Christian book: Inspirational Lucy
Be and encouraging inspiration to others
Inspirational Lucy
Bill really cared about the animals on his farm. When he could have let go of an injured or sick animal, he would care for it instead, until it got well again. But Bill was a poor farmer, so poor that the bank was about to repossess his farm. In this story the farm animals who loved Bill came up with a solution to meet the banks demand for payment. This is a story of how love and inspiration can bring solutions that make a difference.