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Christian book: Into A Dark Land
Into A Dark Land
The messenger came with the book of truth, but the dark tried to hold back its power. But the book gave the messenger strength so that he could open it and give, love, truth, justice and salvation to the people through the power and words of the book.

Christian book: King Bungobob and the Sore Tooth
Pain makes us look to God
King Bungobob and the Sore Tooth
King Bungobob was rich, powerful and had everything he wanted. Still, something was missing and he could not figure out what it was. The answer came in the most unlikely of circumstances...a toothache.

Christian book: King Moptop
God's love
King Moptop
King Moptop tried to look for true love that money can't buy...what about you? Do you know where to find true love or will you choose true love?

Christian book: Little Miss Potatohead
Little Miss Potatohead
Miss Potatohead and her brother Chip found out the truth and warned their potato relatives. Unfortunately, not everyone believed her...and they bared the consequence.

Christian book: Little Monster
The new nature
Little Monster
Little Monster was, well...a monster. He did all sorts of horrible things because it was his nature. He wanted to be good but was unable to until one day a visitor came to his house.

Christian book: Muddy Marvin
Being cleansed from sin
Muddy Marvin
Muddy Marvin was a dirty little boy who sleep in mud, ate mud, and brushed his teeth with mud! One day he saw something unusual in the distance. When he got there he was rather surprised.

Christian book: Peppi
Peppi is a cute short story about how God can take even the evil deeds of people and turn them around for the furtherance of his kingdom.