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Christian book: Playing Chicken
Risky Living
Playing Chicken
Henrietta was a chicken who wanted the most out of life. She wanted to "play chicken" with death, and many times she succeeded. People think this same way. How close to death can they get without death winning? They don't realize that death can come to anyone at anytime, the Lord does not reveal what day we will meet with Him.

Christian book: Son Blocker
Son Blocker
Once there was a boy named Josiah who had and idea of how to get rid of a bothersome dragon. He went to the king and .. wait a minute you had me going there. You read the story and find what happened.

Christian book: Stairway to Heaven
The Way to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven
Once there was a rich man who had everything on earth but not God. He tried to look for God with all sorts of ways. Finally he got the right direction from a little boy.

Christian book: Starman
Starman does an excellent job of explaining the perfection of Adam and Eve, their fall and the perfection of Christ. You will love the colorful artwork and the allegorical style of this story.

Christian book: Tarore
12 years old Maori girl, Tarore died in a riot but her little book of Luke's gospel ran around and became famous amongst Maori tribes, transforming lives and bringing love and peace to many.

Christian book: That Rascally Cat
The cause of our actions
That Rascally Cat
Here's a rascally limerick 'bout a nasty ol' kitty. Who proved that our insides are not so saintly or pretty. You may shine up your halo, and feel that you're saint-like and calm. But your true heart will show when this cruel cat comes along!

Christian book: The Axe
The Axe
Isobel and Philip were just normal children like you and me. Like us they got angry and sinned. The story tells us what is sin and where did sin came from.