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Christian book: The Barber and God
God's Exists
The Barber and God
A man discussed with his barber about God's existence but the barber didn't believe in God's existence as he can't see Him. So the man decided to tell the barber about the truth in a very smart way...

Christian book: The Biggest Fool
The Biggest Fool
When a king sent his jester to find a fool greater than him, the fool find no one until he goes back to the castle

Christian book: The Clown
The Clown
Charlie was a man who tried all the world had to offer but nothing made him happy. Then one day the answer came through the window.

Christian book: The Cornerstone
The Cornerstone
Do you know what a cornerstone is for? Some think that it doesn't fit their needs and throw it out of the door, but some see it and make good use of it... what about you?

Christian book: The Day Ruth Told the Truth
Telling lies
The Day Ruth Told the Truth
Ruth never sees the consequences of telling lies until she did a big mistake and realized how important it is for her to keep that commandment of God...

Christian book: The Duck and the Devil
The Duck and the Devil
Being slave to a person is bad enough, can you imagine being the slave of the devil...good news is there is a way out...

Christian book: The Farmer And The Eagle
The Farmer And The Eagle
In this story a man helps a bird from danger and finds himself re-paid the favor!