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Christian book: The Giving Tree
God's Love
The Giving Tree
How do you explain the wonderful love of God? This little story goes a little way towards expressing the sort of love God has for us all.

Christian book: The Happy Lamb
The Happy Lamb
Once there was a lamb who was kept by a very mean shepherd. One day she heard of a kind shepherd. She wish she could meet him but how would she get away?

Christian book: The Incredible Asteroid Adventure
The Incredible Asteroid Adventure
The space adventuring boys build a rocket and go into space. The were not supposed to get so far away without permission!! These three young guys learn the hard way that it is best to obey.

Christian book: The King and his Four Wives
the neglected soul
The King and his Four Wives
There was a king who had four wives. Three of whom he loved very much. One day he became very sick and near death. He ask his four wives if they would follow him in death, but only the wife he did not love was willing to with him.

Christian book: The Mouse Princess
adopted by God
The Mouse Princess
A king and queen mouse search for a husband for the princess and find an ordinary mouse. Later they discover there's more about hims than meets the eye.

Christian book: The Rabbit Who Changed Places
care of animals
The Rabbit Who Changed Places
This Christian story is about a Rabbit who is very abused by his owner, but one day the rabbit makes a wish to make his owner understand how the Rabbit feels when he's abused.

Christian book: The Staircase
Overcoming Fear
The Staircase
Marisha had an interesting experience about fear and let's see who is the angelGod sent to help her...