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Story Time Series

Christian book: A Cracker of a Day
Thinking before action
A Cracker of a Day
Sid and Wrinkle find a box of crackers. They were only curious, but they shouldn't have taken it. Thinking first before doing something will keep us and others out of trouble. Your Sunday School kids will enjoy this book and learn from the elephants how to correct the wrong things they do.

Christian book: All The Way Home
Leading of God's Spirit
All The Way Home
When Pamela, Chrissy, their parents and their dog took a trip to the beach the two children get lost in a wood nearby. Now its up to Spot to help them find their way back to their parents.

Christian book: Angus the Armadillo
Angus the Armadillo
Angus was an Armadillo who was good at spelling, but he simply could not count past three. He even went to Owl, who thought he was a hopeless case. It seemed he would never learn to count. Or would he? Read and find out.

Christian book: Baa Baa The Black Sheep
God's Provision
Baa Baa The Black Sheep
Baa Baa was a lucky sheep with black wool. But even with her luck she was sad about how selfish her farmer was and about how a certain little boy could not have a Jersey for winter. So one night after she had been sheared she sneaked out and...wait a minute! I'm telling you the story! Read and find what happens!

Christian book: Benjamin Beaver
Listening to Wisdom
Benjamin Beaver
Benjamin was a head strong Beaver who believed himself smarter than his parents. He was so sure of himself that he set out to build his own dam even when his parents said he wasn't ready.

Christian book: Bible Alphabet
Alphabet Primer
Bible Alphabet
This Christian alphabet book provides a Bible tidbit for every l, from Adam to Zion, with colorful illustrations.

Christian book: Billy Badger's Walk
Christian Example
Billy Badger's Walk
Billy badger was a Christian who blessed other animals with his Christian example. Come along on a walk with him as see how he interacts with the animals he meets.