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Story Time Series

Christian book: Billy Blackbird
Billy Blackbird
Billy Blackbird never gave thanks for the food God have him. It took the lesson of hunger for him appreciate the food that was so often given to him.

Christian book: Billy Bunny
Missed Blessings
Billy Bunny
Billy usually was a smart little bunny but one day he missed out on a wonderful blessing because he didn't come home when instructed.

Christian book: Brave Little Owl
Obey your parents
Brave Little Owl
Mrs. owl named her son "Courage" because she wanted him to grow up brave and fearless but he was more fool hearty then brave. Often he ignored this mother's warnings by doing risky thing just for the fun of it.

Christian book: Cabbage Leaf Miracle
God's creation
Cabbage Leaf Miracle
Even the everyday things like caterpillars turning into butterflies show the power of God. This story brings an illustration of why He is so worthy to be praised!

Christian book: Calista The Canary
Freedom and Provision
Calista The Canary
Calista did not appreciate the shelter and provision she had as a caged bird. She wanted to be free like other birds. When she ventured out she found that she had to work for her food, flee from predators and bear under harsh weather. Christian kids also often want to reach out beyond the protection of their parents because the world draws a picture of false freedom and pleasure.

Christian book: Determined Derek
Determined Derek
When one of Derek's children gets into a tight spot Derek learns that with determination and some help from God he can beat any muscle

Christian book: Fee Fee the Silly Parrot
Fee Fee the Silly Parrot
Fee Fee was a parrot who loved her master but didn't get enough attention. So one day she prayed to God for help. Will God answer her prayer? Read and find out!