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Story Time Series

Christian book: Fox and Hen
the deception of vague words
Fox and Hen
Hen was a foolish bird who learned the hard way the consequence of not thinking things through.

Christian book: Frog in a Bucket
Frog in a Bucket
Since frogs are cold blooded they a will not sense the danger of the rising temperature of water if it rises slowly. Sin is like this.

Christian book: George and Georgina
Obey your parents
George and Georgina
George and his sister Georgina find themselves given to temptation to disobey their mother. It gets them into big trouble.

Christian book: Greedy Gordon
Greed, disobedience
Greedy Gordon
Gordon's owner loaned her pony to a friend. Gordon used this opportunity for bad behavior. He thought he could do as he pleased. However, this attitude led him to trouble and discomfort!

Christian book: Greedy Greta
God's Provision
Greedy Greta
Greta the squirrel worrried very much about having enough food for the comming winter. Instead of trusting in God's provision, she toiled for more than she needed. In the end much of her works was in vain and the fruit of her labor spoiled. God has promised to provide for our needs. We are called to work but never to worry.

Christian book: Harry the Hermit Crab
The armor of God
Harry the Hermit Crab
Harry gets tricked into coming out of his shell. This story illustrates the importance of keeping our Christian armor on, for taking it off can have dire consequences.

Christian book: Hen and Fox
Hen and Fox
Hen is not as silly as she looks! When fox comes to call on her for "dinner", as he has for many another hen who has never returned, Hen comes up with an idea. But Fox, who thinks he knows more, will not listen to the warns of Hen who has his demise in mind.