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Story Time Series

Christian book: Hetty's Children
Hetty's Children
Hetty is a hen who could not lay any eggs. With a little encouragement from some kids who loved her and a small prayer from Hetty, God soon gave her a brood of eggs. Learn of God's love for us through Hetty's experience.

Christian book: Horse Off Course
You were created to be who you are
Horse Off Course
Here's a silly story about a horse that wanted to be a different animal. But he didn't look like anything else but a horse. Nor could he do anything other than what comes natural for a horse. I guess he had to learn some horse sense.

Christian book: Jellybean Gospel
Promises of God
Jellybean Gospel
This story goes through a bunch of jelly bean colors to tell us of the promises of God.

Christian book: Junk Food Jerry
Healthy Eating
Junk Food Jerry
Junk Food Jerry refused to eat anything that was good from. He had all sorts of tricks for getting out of eating the healthy food his parents gave him. Eventually he became ill and bedridden.

Christian book: Larry The Llama
Larry The Llama
Larry the Llama arrives at the zoo to find he is the only llama there. He feels very important about this. But what dismay to find that the other animals don't care about that. A friend comes along and shows him the truth of the matter.

Christian book: Little Lost Caterpillar
Little Lost Caterpillar
Jimbob the caterpillar is lost and cannot find his way home. After asking a few other insects for direction and finding no help, a glow worm suggest that Jimbob should pray.

Christian book: Madeline the Mouse
Obeying God
Madeline the Mouse
Madeline and her dad are having a conversation about gravity. Her wise father uses the conversation to teach Madeline about the love of God and the pull of sin.