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Story Time Series

Christian book: Midge the Marmot
Readiness for the return of Christ
Midge the Marmot
Midge the Marmot is supposed to be alert. It's her turn to stand guard for the other marmots. But she is slack in her responsibilities. Marmots are turning up missing! Will we be ready when Jesus comes back, or will he find us sleeping, like Midge.

Christian book: Molyneaux Mouse
The Mysteries of God
Molyneaux Mouse
Molyneaux thinks he is the sharpest of all the animals, but he soon learns of all the "hidden" creatures God has made. His new friend shows him that the mysteries God has made in nature will show up right before his eyes just like the mysteries of Scripture will show up, if he will only read the Bible.

Christian book: Mrs Mouse and her House
Foolish woman
Mrs Mouse and her House
There is a lesson to be learned here. Even little children can see how Mrs. Mouse tore down her home with her own hands. A very poignant story.

Christian book: Not So White Kristy
Our sin in the light of Jesus
Not So White Kristy
Kristy got herself dirty and tried to make herself look clean by standing next to a dark wall. We often compare ourselves to others thinking to offset the depth of our sin, but Jesus is our standard.

Christian book: One Good Turn
Doing Good
One Good Turn
The Bible can be a real encouragement to "do good", especially when we might have done nothing for someone else. In this story Cyril does some things for another who is an unlikely candidate.

Christian book: One Naughty Little Bear
One Naughty Little Bear
Tubby the Bear disobeys his parents and finds himself in all kinds of trouble. Good thing for him his parents were merciful and used scripture to help him trust the Lord.

Christian book: Ordinary Things
Ordinary Things
With many biblical examples, this story shows how ordinary things and people can be transformed by the workings of God. This story will encourage your Sunday School students to see the power God can do through them.