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Story Time Series

Christian book: Pete the Pirate Pig
The company you keep
Pete the Pirate Pig
Pete wanted to be a pirate, but just for pretend. This story talks about the importance of spending time with the right kind of company. After all, you become like those you spend time with.

Christian book: Rainbow Rabbit
Happiness, Promises of God
Rainbow Rabbit
Rainbow Rabbit thinks that he can find happiness if he can get to the end of the rainbow. His hopes in this are dashed, but he doesn't give up. In the end he will find what he is looking for.

Christian book: Reginald the Lion
Reginald the Lion
A mischievous blue monkey though it would be fun to throw a coconut at the king of the beast. A bird warned him that the Lion King deserved respect.

Christian book: Robert the Rat
Fruit of the Spirit
Robert the Rat
Robert is lacking in the fruit of the Spirit, but with prayer God changes him. In fact, because of God working in him a raven comes along and wants what Robert has, he wants to know the Lord, too.

Christian book: Runaway Dog
Runaway Dog
Smarty had all he needed, but he thought he should have it better. Smarty learns his lesson when he runs away and actually gets all he has been longing for. Many children and adults alike will find themselves in this story!

Christian book: Sally Swallow's Winter
Sally Swallow's Winter
This story is an earthy comparison to heaven yet to come. Read about these little sparrows, how they fly south for the winter and find protection fro the cold.

Christian book: Spotty and Stripy
Your final destination
Spotty and Stripy
Two sibling puppies where labeled to be shipped in different directions. They did not want to be separated but their destination was determined by their label. If you were to wear a label, where would it say you're heading? Heaven? Or Hell?