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Story Time Series

Christian book: The Biggest and the Smallest
The Biggest and the Smallest
God made all things to be dependent upon another, as shown in this story about a very large whale. He thought he was the most important creature in the wold, until those below him showed him different.

Christian book: The Grandest Castle
Hear and obey
The Grandest Castle
This frog thought he could build a castle on the sand that would stand the test. When the other frogs tried to warn him he told them they were all wrong. Though eventually the tide did come in...

Christian book: The Mouse Tiger
Overcoming Fear
The Mouse Tiger
Tiger the mouse was the most fearful mouse around. His problem was that he thought about things too much. But his father has a plan to help him overcome his fears.

Christian book: The Nothing To Do Rabbit
Work for the time is near.
The Nothing To Do Rabbit
Doldrum was a very lazy rabbit. One day he learns something very important when his sister gets hurt because of his laziness. What he learns causes him to change his lazy ways! We can learn something here about how we need to change to get ready for the Lord's return!

Christian book: The Pest in the Nest
Bad Company
The Pest in the Nest
These little birdies find sudden disaster when they invite a guest into their home. They learn the value of a "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Christian book: The Rooster who Wouldn't Be Qui
The Rooster who Wouldn't Be Qui
Clarence the Rooster will not stop his incessant crowing, no matter what. God can use our conscience this way, to help us to confess our sins. He will forgive and cleanse, if we will only confess.

Christian book: The wild, wild pig
Bitterness and unforgiveness
The wild, wild pig
This pig went through a lot. It is easy to see how he could become so ugly and mean. But it doesn't change the effects. With a little love a life can be turned around.