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Story Time Series

Christian book: Three Blind Mice
Honest work
Three Blind Mice
In this story the three blind mice are tricksters, they really can see. Their tricks lead them into loss. And in the end honest work is the result.

Christian book: Tom and Waggy
Blood of Jesus cleanses
Tom and Waggy
Waggy is so busy running from his master thinking he will be punished for all his many bad deeds when all his master wants is to love him and wash him. We can compare this story to how many people react when God is calling for us. We may be afraid he will punish when all He really wants to do is love and cleanse us.

Christian book: What Makes Me Special
God's love
What Makes Me Special
Squiggles the piglet wants to know why he is special when he knows there are so many other pigs and piglets on the farm. It takes some time and lots of help, but he soon learns it is God's love that makes him special.