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Bible Stories

Christian book: Death of Elijah
Death of Elijah
Death of Elijah
This is the account of Elijah going up into the whirlwind and the passing on of the ministry to Elisha. Your Sunday School students will enjoy this re-telling as its illustrations add excitement and freshness to the account.

Christian book: Elijah and the One True God
The One True God
Elijah and the One True God
This is the story of Elijah's standoff with Baal. Though not mentioned here, this account takes place at the end of a long drought. The priests of Baal are going to call on him to show himself at the altar, and the Elijah is going to call on God to show up at the altar. Read to find out how this ends, it's so good!

Christian book: Elisha Takes Over
Elisha Takes Over
This is the account of Elisha's first miracle, how he gained respect of leaders and the account of how the Moabites were defeated. Reading this story brings a true story to life!

Christian book: Fish and Lepers
Fish and Lepers
What a great story for Sunday school children. A very evangelistic tool to teach the children about laying your life down to follow Him!

Christian book: How to Arrest a Prophet
How to Arrest a Prophet
God wants us to turn to Him first when we have a need. We can learn from the king in this story how serious God is about this.

Christian book: Jonah for children
Jonah for children
Read this story of Jonah to your Sunday school class and they will love it!

Christian book: King Jesus
Jesus rides into Jeruselem
King Jesus
This is the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem, the cleansing of the Temple and the response of the religious leaders.