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Christian book: Quentin Adventure 1
Quentin Adventure 1
Poor little Quentin needs to get home! See how this story is a good illustration for your Sunday School children about how our True Home is found at the cross.

Christian book: Quentin Adventure 2
Quentin Adventure 2
Quentin finds himself in a real problem! Read this little Bible story to see how he finds the solution!

Christian book: Quentin Adventure 3
Your sins will find you out
Quentin Adventure 3
Quentin is asked to watch a bag of candy for his friend. Stickyfingers learns the hard way about our sins being found out after he steals the bag of candy!

Christian book: Quentin Adventure 4
Quentin Adventure 4
Quentin learns something important from the Bible and it keeps him from ending up in a pile of trash!! Read this story to see how our really "comes from the Lord".

Christian book: Quentin Adventure 5
Building on solid ground
Quentin Adventure 5
Quentin was smart enough to listen to the Bible about where to build his house. Emptyhead was not so wise about this. See what happens when the rains come!

Christian book: Quentin Adventure 6
Quentin Adventure 6
This Christian story is a good lesson for all of us, young and old. Klutsy is getting very messy in Quentin's home. But Quentin has the right idea about what Klutsy needs in response. See the godly way Quentin handles this.

Christian book: Quentin Adventure 7
Quentin Adventure 7
This little Christian book tells a sweet and simple story about the reward for both laziness and diligence.