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Benjamin Mouse

Christian book: Crafty Crow
Crafty Crow
Have you ever been tricked by some annoying friends? How did you feel? Benjamin Mouse had the same experience, but he chose to do something different and became a good example for all of us.

Christian book: The Best Birthday Present
Unconditional Love
The Best Birthday Present
This is definitely a Christian story! Benjamin learns the kind of love our Heavenly Father has for us. Read this one to find out how!

Christian book: The Big Insult
Powerful Words
The Big Insult
Benjamin Mouse gets insulted by his sister, and because he allows himself to be angered by her words he finds himself in a problem.

Christian book: The Great Race
Doing your best
The Great Race
This is a "re-make" of the classic Tortoise and the Hare. Its very cute-take a look!

Christian book: The Hungry Dog
The Hungry Dog
Benjamin mouse learns that just because you are small doesn't mean you can't do something big. See what happens in the story of courage!

Christian book: The Lazy Day
Jumping to conclusions
The Lazy Day
We can't know everything by just one look. Not all is known of Benjamin in this story of wrong conclusions!

Christian book: The Little Sticks
Consequence of disobedience
The Little Sticks
Benjamin mouse's Dad told him not to play with the "little wooden sticks with red hats". But he didn't listen. Temptation overcame him with swift destruction in tow!