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Little Pilgrim

Christian book: Part 1
Christian Life
Part 1
First in a three part series, this Pilgrim's Progress is brought down to a very elementary level. But don't be fooled even older kids (and adults) can enjoy and learn from this story!

Christian book: Part 2
Christian Life
Part 2
Second in the series of three episodes. Little Pilgrim journeys with Encouragement and is taught the uses of the King's book. But now Encouragement must leave Little Pilgrim and help others. See what happens next!

Christian book: Part 3
Christian Life
Part 3
Little Pilgrim meets other travelers each with a different distraction that stopped them from continuing their progress down the path to the Kings castle. Eventually Little Pilgrim comes to a distraction that tempts him to stop also.

Christian book: Part 4
Christian Life
Part 4
The tale continues with Little Pilgrim's sister following in her brother footsteps. Faith travels down the King's road and comes across His training center, where she must past three test.

Christian book: Part 5
False the paths to God
Part 5
Faith finds that there are many paths that claim to be the way to God's Kingdom. In this story she discovers some ways to stay on the true path.

Christian book: Part 6
Christian Life
Part 6
Faith and Friend are still walking down the King's path but dangers lie ahead

Christian book: Part 7
Christian Life
Part 7
Faith is walking down the King's path. As she travels she encounters many dangers. Will Faith turn back or keep going? Read and find out.