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Crazy Comics

Christian book: 15 Dumb Puzzles
Evangelistic Tool
15 Dumb Puzzles
15 fun and silly questions prone to trip you up are used here to lead the reader on to a few serious questions about sin and the need for salvation.

Christian book: A Duck Tale
A Duck Tale
"A Duck Tale" is having fun with the "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" debate. Here instead of a chicken we have a duck or the egg. This fun little book sets the record straight.

Christian book: A Little Fear
A Little Fear
Fear can change something harmless into something terrible. All too often we don't do a good thing because we imagine it to be greater or more difficult than it really is. As a result we turn fear into a greater obstacle than the task. This is little silly story about how fear changes our actions.

Christian book: Arrowroot
This story talks about a root called arrow root. Now a arrow was healthy food in it and poisonous food in it, but if you eat them together you will die, but if you separate them you may eat them. It is the same way with us, we have sin in our lives, and goodness in our lives, and we must choose to separate. Because if we don't we will live lives of unhappiness, but if we separate the sin from us we can live forever with Jesus

Christian book: Beware the Camel's Nose
Beware the Camel's Nose
This story is about sin; it shows how sin can start of very small, but if you let it go it will get bigger and bigger until it ruins your life.

Christian book: Big Questions
Big Questions
People rather have fun than listen to a question so serious as "What happens after death?" The "Big Question" although being so big is seldom heard to for lack of audience.

Christian book: Bobby Balloonhead
Bobby Balloonhead
Pinnocchio's nose may grows when he lies, but Bobby Balloonhead's head inflates when he brags. You know what happens to a overinflated balloon? Here's an attention grabbing story about pride.