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Crazy Comics

Christian book: Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk
A silly story about how seasonal wealth can destroy our contentment.

Christian book: Egg or Chicken
Egg or Chicken
It's the age old question, which came first the chicken or the egg? Read this story to use logic to give the answer. The bible has all the answers for us, we do not have to be left in ignorance.

Christian book: Ehud - God's Daggerman
The story of Ehud
Ehud - God's Daggerman
Ehud was a judge of Israel. He rose to power when he slayed the king of Moab and lead Israel in revolt, against the oppressive Moabite nation. By an act of faith, he did this alone and as one man brought freedom to that land of Israel

Christian book: Grandmother and the Pumpkin
Conscience of Sin
Grandmother and the Pumpkin
Grandma's prized pumpkin was smashed by one of her grand sons and no one is fessing up. But grandma knows a thing or two about a guilty conscience and she has a plan on how to find out who did it.

Christian book: Haman on Holiday
Haman on Holiday
This story is about a stubborn mouse named Ham who every season did the same thing, but one day something stops him, but he decides to ignore it, and in the end it results in the death of him.This is how many of us are with Jesus when he offers us the free gift of life.We are so stubborn that we do not want stop our sin.Which in the end leads to eternal suffering in hell.

Christian book: Happy Henry
Happy Henry
This is a story about Henry. Henry was anything but happy. But one day, Henry found the source of happiness! Everyone in town noticed he was not unhappy anymore. Because they saw such a change in Henry they now wanted to know what caused it. This story is an interesting approach to explaining God's love.

Christian book: Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design
Frank is a nice guy who comes across some perfectly shaped rocks and wonders how they got there. This story talks about how we can see intelligent design in the world around us. Frank can see traces of how his mother cares for him and we can see how God cares for us, His fingerprint is all around.