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Ungrouped Stories

Christian book: A Rose for Sarah
A Rose for Sarah
This story is about a girl named Sarah,and her father who love each other very much, but the father jumps to a conclusion and offends her. Now he feels bad and tries to apologize in a special way.

Christian book: A Tad In Time
A Tad In Time
Two scientist (professor Smith ,and professor Judkins) who have been colleagues for a long time discover a sort of string in space.They realize it can send people back,and forth through time. Professor Smith has become greedy and wants to use it to become rich, but professor Judkins wants to use it for the right things. So professor Smith steals part of it, and runs away. Now professor Judkins is the only one who can stop him. But now professor Judkins is being tracked down by his own colleague. Will he fight back? Can he stop him? Now he must rely on nobody but God to help him with this battle.

Christian book: Pony Story
Pony Story
Shara loves ponies more than anything in the world. However she cannot have one until she is twelve.Her sister who is older than her is getting one ,and is rather selfish about it,But during the night the pony is stolen.after some investigating Shara thinks that she knows who stole it,but has no it is up to Shara to save the pony ,but can she do it.

Christian book: The Door
The Door
This story is about several Archeologist who find a under ground city on the moon. And as they explore it they realize that God's word is word not on earth, but expands through out the universe.

Christian book: The Heart-stone
The Heart-stone
This story is about a jewel that was given from a son to a mother in the time of about 3000 BC. But when the mother dies the jewel is stolen, and as the years go by, it is past on from person to another until finally in curent day the stone is put in it's rightful place.

Christian book: What's in the News
What's in the News
This story is about a man in the time of 1450 who finds a current day news paper in front of his house, so he brings the paper to the priest who brings it to The Lord of the land who brings it to the King, and in the end results in violents,chaos ,and wrong conclusions.