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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: A Place of Rest
A Place of Rest
Homing pigeons can always find their way home. But humans do not have this same sense. A relationship with God is our place of rest, but many do not find their "home" in God.

Christian book: Any Time Now
Any Time Now
Joe's parent were going out, they asked Joe to watch over the house while they were gone, Joe was all too happy to be alone in the house. He thought he had plenty of time, they were supposed to be gone for two hours, so why not kick back and have a little fun before getting his chores done? Well, you can only imagine how he felt when they came home an hour early! This story parallels the return of Christ. Very poignant!

Christian book: Arms of Love
Arms of Love
When a dad loses his job, he and his family can trust God to still take care of their needs. This story gives a strong illustration of how able God is in taking care of us.

Christian book: Be a Friend
Be a Friend
This young guy just started at a new school and he wants friends. But he needs to learn how to go about it, so his father shows him what the Bible says about how to make friends.

Christian book: Ben's Lollies
Ben's Lollies
Ben is a boy who doesn't take his father seriously. But Ben will soon find out that his father can be trusted.

Christian book: Bright Light
Bright Light
When Tam asked her mom if she could play with with the flash light, she did not expect to get a life lesson! The Bible has significant things to say about light in a dark world.

Christian book: Broken Eggs
Broken Eggs
Based on James 3:2-10, this is a story about two brothers, who says some ugly things to each other. Their father has a great illustration about the damage our words can do. Even adults will be convicted by this story!