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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: Bus Ride To Heaven
Bus Ride To Heaven
This brother and sister know what its like to persecuted in Jesus' name. They are young, but they are smart enough to look to the Bible to find their encouragement. They find what they need to turn their sad hearts into glad hearts!

Christian book: Cocky's Tale
Cocky's Tale
Cocky was a cockatiel bought by a boy who wanted a friend. Cocky was a great friend, he went with the boy everywhere. But one day the bird was met with a bad fate. This story is a illustration of God's eternal friendship.

Christian book: Copy Kate
Copy Kate
Kate likes to copy everything her big sister is saying and doing and its driving her sister crazy! But their mother has a plan. Now its not making Kate's sister unhappy anymore and Kate never even changed!

Christian book: Don't Hit Back
Don't Hit Back
One fine day, some kids were playing around on a golf course. Everything was great, until one kid got hit on the head with a golf ball by accident. This is a story about our anger and God's vengeance. We can be so thankful we have a Lord who sees everything and and takes care of our situations.

Christian book: Dopey Dan
Dopey Dan
Dan's dad asks him to wash a window. He cleans the outside of the window and his dad says its still dirty, so he cleans it again and with more effort. But his dad says it's still not clean. There' s a lesson here, something about the window being clean on the inside only...Read this one to get a great illustration of sanctification.

Christian book: Dry Leaves
Dry Leaves
There are some who like to be their own boss, live as they like with no one telling them what they can't do. When the Christian in this story meets a man like this, there is an eruption! Suddenly, all is not as happy as it was before. Christians have more freedom in their service to God than those who serve only themselves.

Christian book: Dump Doll
Dump Doll
A Daddy and his little girl take a ride to the dump one day. As the daddy is doing his work, the little girl wanders about and finds a dolly. It's dirty and torn, but she cleans the doll up, some. Her dad suggests throwing the doll back in the dump, but the little girl says she put too much work into the doll to throw it back. Here is a lesson about God's love and why He does not want to throw us "back."