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Cartoon Strips for Christ

Christian book: Slow to Grow
Slow to Grow
In a discussion about what kind of tree to grow a mother says to her daughter that she should get a slow growing tree because they grow strong. Here the mother encourages her daughter that it is the same in the Christian life.

Christian book: Smoke and Croak
Smoke and Croak
Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. God does not want us filling our bodies with harmful smoke on purpose! This man's daughter appeals to him both because of scripture and love that he might quit smoking.

Christian book: Spotty Sam
Spotty Sam
Sam decided to go exploring in his new home. His mother must not have wanted him to do this, though, because she tells him the Bible says he should avoid all appearance of evil. As a result of playing in the attic, Sam had an allergic reaction.

Christian book: Stinky Sarah
Stinky Sarah
When Sarah comes over to play with Melanie, she smells of cigarettes. But after awhile of playing together, Melanie can barely smell the smoke. Melanie's mother helps Melanie to understand this is the same with sin, we become accustomed to it and, after a time we hardly notice it.

Christian book: Stupid Old Bear
Stupid Old Bear
Ben loved his bear, it was, old and tattered, but it was his. But his sister thought he should get a new one. Their father over hears their conversation and then shares with them what the Bible says about old people while using Ben's bear as an example.

Christian book: Tea Leaves
Tea Leaves
A father and son talk about the validity of reading tea leaves. Some very good points are brought out in this very short story.

Christian book: The Dead Weight
The Dead Weight
Mr. Ferguson was a man who had many tragedies in his life, and he let bitterness and resentment rule him. This little story hopes to show that life would be better with love and forgiveness.