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Larry Lawbreaker

Christian book: Story 1
Story 1
This entire series of stories of story is about a man who is always breaking the law and doing bad things, but never gets caught but in the end he will have to face god and receive his judgement, much worse than p.c. nabbit would ever be able to give out!

Christian book: Story 2
Story 2
Larry Lawbreaker gets into and out of a lot of trouble. But sometimes his bad ways catch up with him, like the time he stole chocolate and ate all of it before the cops could catch him and then he was sick all night! The same is true with all people, except ALL our troubles will catch up with us, one day. Good thing for us, God sent Jesus, because we are constantly breaking God's rules.

Christian book: Story 3
Story 3
Larry Lawbreaker is at it again. He hiding his "loot" in a baby stroller. P.C. Nabbit, the officer, is trying to catch him with it so he can put him in jail. But somehow, Larry always gets away. But Larry is not only lying, he also stole the things that are in the stroller. The Bible says that only one sin is enough to keep a person out of heaven, but that Jesus died when we should have died. There is salvation like this in no other, Jesus is the only way.

Christian book: Story 4
Story 4
P.C. Nabbit tries to make a deal with Larry Lawbreaker, if he will be a honest man for one day P.T. will overlook that Larry was about to open a safe. Larry agrees, but we all know Larry can't go straight for one whole day.

Christian book: Story 5
Story 5
Larry the Lawbreaker is very sneaky. He really knows how to get around P.T. Nabbit. Larry is a liar and a thief, every chance he gets. It only takes one sin to call a person a sinner. Looks like Larry is in trouble!

Christian book: Story 6
Story 6
Larry Lawbreaker is a deceiver, no surprise. This time he really gets P.T. Nabbit. He really looks like he is being good, but his deception is at an all time high!

Christian book: Story 7
Story 7
Larry Lawbreaker is not ALWAYS smart. He can be drawn in, like when P.C. lures him to the gold bars on display in the city by telling him to stay away, but then gives away all the security measures taken to protect the gold! But will P.C. really be able to outwit Larry?