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The Christian Bit At The End

Christian book: The Weatherman's Joke
The Weatherman's Joke
This story is about a silly weatherman who let's a rope dangle from the sky and if you pulled it the weather woul change from a bright sunny day to hail,snow, or whatever kind of funky weather you can thing, but of course threre is no such thing as a weatherman up in the clouds its all up to God to what kind of weather we get, and of course he does not let ropes hang from the sky to decide

Christian book: Ticky Tock
Ticky Tock
Ticky Tock is a robot that helps so much, but without proper maintenance, Ticky Tock could die! We are like that, too. We need God, he keeps us maintained, and without Him we would die.

Christian book: Tommy's Terrific Travels
Tommy's Terrific Travels
Tommy had terrific travels, he went everywhere in the world! When he was all done, he came to the realization that he had one more ride still to take. It was the most satisfying of all.

Christian book: Tut
Though Tut was just a tot, he became king. He knew he had a big responsibility, and like Tut, so do we, if we are children of God. A child of the king should act with appropriate behavior, or we will defame the name of our king.