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Pre School

Christian book: Billy the Kid
Fear of the dark
Billy the Kid
Like most of the children, Billy is scared of the dark, but when he found out the truth, he sleeps happily at night ever after.

Christian book: Closer
The closer you get to Jesus the more you are impelled to call Him Master and LORD.

Christian book: Goodnight
A good night poem reassuring the young sleeper of how God loves and looks after us.

Christian book: Lazy Old Grandpa
love motivates
Lazy Old Grandpa
Grandpa will not take out the trash when Grandma asks him. But when Grandma remains his loving comfort anyway, Grandpa takes out trash without being asked.

Christian book: Little Angel
Little Angel
Kate was a pretty little girl who wanted to be an angel for her birthday but when she does something bad she thinks she will no longer go to heaven.

Christian book: Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes
This is a collection of traditional nursery rhymes rewritten from a Biblical perspective.

Christian book: The Bee
The Bee
Mummy loves her little girl so much that she took a sting from a crazy bee for the little girl. God did similar thing for everyone of us too....