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Wonderfully Made

Humans are able to be aware of
themselves. A worm doesn't know its a worm,
and a bird doesn't know its a bird, but a human knows its not a worm or a bird.  All the creatures on the planet have no idea what or who they are - but people know the are people. This makes us unique, and special, and significant.
        eing self-aware is a great gift. It means we can feel
        responsible for ourselves, and for other people. This
        is so different from all other creatures, which run on
       instinct. Instinct is like a computer program. Animals keep to their program from birth to death. They have no choice. Like any man-made machine, they can do only what they are programmed to do.
But humans have freedom of choice - and with it comes responsibility for the choices we make.
This is why we cannot blame God for the mess the world is in. Humans live their lives in a human body. The pages ahead will explore some of the wonders of God's design of our body.
tags: wonderful, amazing, complicated, detailed, detail, human, create, creator, intelligent, intelligence, design, designed, evolution, God, creation, body, perfect, perfection, atheist, creationist, christian, complex, complexity, evidence, proof, Intelligent design, life, energy
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