John Chapter 12
The anointing at Bethany
The plot to kill Lazarus
The triumphant entry into Jerusalem
The fruitful grain of wheat
Jesus predicts his death on a cross
Who has believed the report
Walk in the light

John Chapter 13
Jesus washes the feet of his disciples
Jesus identifies his betrayer
The new commandment
Jesus Predicts Peter's denial

John Chapter 14
The way, the truth and the life
The Father revealed
The answered prayer
Jesus promises another helper
Indwelling by the Father and Son
The gift of peace
John Chapter 15
The true vine
Love and joy perfected
The world's hatred
The coming rejection

John Chapter 16
The work of the Holy Spirit
Sorrow will turn to joy
Jesus has overcome the world

John Chapter 17
Jesus prays for himself
Jesus prays for his disciples
Jesus prays for all believers

John Chapter 18
Jesus is betrayed in Gethsemane
Peter denies Jesus
Jesus questioned by the high priest
Jesus in front of Pilate
Jesus takes the place of Barabbas

John Chapter 19
The soldiers mock Jesus
Pilate's decision
The king on the cross
Jesus brings John and Mary together
It is finished
Jesus is pierced
Jesus is buried in Joseph's tomb
John Chapter 20
The empty tomb
Mary Magdalene sees the risen Lord
The apostles are commissioned
Seeing and believing
That we may believe

John Chapter 21

Breakfast by the sea
Jesus restores Peter
John and why he wrote the gospel